Premier Psychiatric Health Treatment Center in Haverhill, MA

Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Haverhill Pavilion Behavioral Health Hospital is an inpatient psychiatric treatment center that provides comprehensive care for adults and older adults who have been struggling with psychiatric disorders and conditions.

What Is a Psychiatric Treatment Center?

Disorders we treat at our psychiatric treatment center in Haverhill, MA

Psychiatric disorders and concerns can have an immense negative impact on a person’s life. They are often something that people want to overlook or wait out to see if the symptoms simply go away on their own. But, just like with any illness, this is not the case. Fortunately, psychiatric disorders and concerns can be successfully treated by working with qualified professionals at a reputable psychiatric treatment center.

For those who are struggling with psychiatric concerns, Haverhill Pavilion offers comprehensive inpatient treatment that is tailored to meet their needs. At our psychiatric treatment center, clients will find a safe place to receive immediate interventions in order to help them stabilize.

Examples of the psychiatric conditions that we treat here at Haverhill Pavilion in Haverhill, Massachusetts, include the following:

What Happens in a Psychiatric Treatment Center?

Treatment options at our psychiatric treatment center in Haverhill, MA

The approach to treating psychiatric concerns must be altered depending on the presenting symptoms and any other factors that are impacting the person’s health and well-being. When you come to our psychiatric treatment center in Haverhill, MA, you will receive an individualized plan of care that outlines the specific interventions that will most optimally meet your needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may receive or participate in the following:

Medical care: We offer basic medical support for clients who have non-acute physical health conditions. An internal medicine doctor will have an initial meeting with the client at their time of admission and will then continue to meet with them on an as-needed basis while they are receiving care at our psychiatric treatment center.

Medication management services: Many psychiatric disorders require the use of medication to fully alleviate symptoms. Clients who can benefit from medication, which is always determined on a case-by-case basis, will meet with a psychiatrist daily. Our nursing staff will also monitor their medications.

Occupational therapy: At Haverhill Pavilion, occupational therapy is an essential part of the treatment process. As part of this service, our occupational therapists address physical, psychological, and functional issues. This aspect of care makes our psychiatric treatment center stand out from others because it is not something that many inpatient hospitals offer.

Group therapy: Group therapy sessions provide a space where clients can support one another in the treatment process. This not only serves to enhance communication skills, but it also assists in building a healthy community of support and helps individuals know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Recreation-based therapy: We offer an array of therapeutic recreational and fresh air activities at our psychiatric treatment center. Participation in these activities lets clients step away from traditional types of therapy and experience a time of relaxation, leisure, and physical activity.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy sessions are offered on an as-needed basis at our psychiatric treatment center. During these sessions, clients meet with a therapist to discuss any challenges they are facing and to celebrate any successes they have achieved.

Family therapy: Like individual therapy, family therapy is only offered on an as-needed basis at our psychiatric treatment center. There are times when family members can play a crucial role in the therapeutic process, but there are also times when they might hinder a client’s progress. As such, family meetings occur when clinically indicated and only when the client agrees.

At Haverhill Pavilion, we use a number of different treatment modalities in our therapeutic programming, including the following:

  • Health- and wellness-based treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Didactic group therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Sensory modulation
  • Activity- and task-based therapy

How to Choose a Psychiatric Treatment Center

Ways to determine which psychiatric treatment center in Haverhill, MA, is best for you

Making the decision to receive treatment for a psychiatric disorder can be life-changing. For this reason, it is important that you find the treatment center that can comprehensively meet your needs. While there are various levels of care available for treating psychiatric concerns, the severity of the symptoms often leads to a need for inpatient treatment.

Everyone’s needs are different, so a psychiatric treatment center that is beneficial for one person might not be the best option for another. Consider the following when searching for a psychiatric treatment center that can best assist you:

  • Evaluate your needs. The severity of one’s symptoms is frequently the reason why they seek psychiatric treatment. Identifying your symptoms and evaluating your needs is crucial when looking for a treatment center. In doing so, you equip yourself with the information you need to ask the right questions when trying to determine if a psychiatric treatment center is right for you.
  • Speak to your doctor. General practitioners should not provide treatment for psychiatric concerns, but they can be valuable sources of information when seeking out this type of care. Your doctor can assist you by providing referrals or offering guidance as you search for an appropriate psychiatric treatment center.
  • Search for psychiatric treatment centers in your area. As part of your search, make sure you are aware which treatment interventions and levels of care the psychiatric treatment center offers.
  • Contact the psychiatric treatment center of your choosing. It can be beneficial to reach out to a few different treatment providers so that you are able to get answers directly from the facility.

If you have any questions about treatment options or the specific care we provide at Haverhill Pavilion in Haverhill, Massachusetts, please contact us at your convenience. Our team of professionals would be happy to answer any questions you have and to guide you as you determine your next step.