Professional Referrals

Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Haverhill Pavilion Behavioral Health Hospital is an inpatient behavioral health treatment center that provides comprehensive care for adults and older adults who have been struggling with behavioral health disorders and conditions.

Our Referral Process

Referring a patient to Haverhill Pavilion in Haverhill, MA

At Haverhill Pavilion, we take pride in the partnerships we have developed with the professionals in our community. We share the goal of providing individuals with the care they need to heal from the symptoms that are negatively impacting their everyday lives. We have become a trusted resource for outside professionals who are looking for a more intensive level of care for their patients.

If you are working with a patient who is in need of residential treatment, please contact us at our 24-hour admissions line. Our staff can assist you in making an initial determination as to whether Haverhill Pavilion can best meet your patient’s needs.

Additionally, referring professionals are encouraged to submit referral paperwork to our admissions department so that our staff can review and verify benefits. Our typical response time to referral requests is 20 minutes or less.

Referral Sources

Examples of the professionals we work with

Local crisis teams are the most common referral sources we work with. Crisis teams respond to various situations within the community where individuals are in need of immediate interventions. When they meet with these individuals, they conduct behavioral health evaluations and then reach out to facilities who they believe can meet the person’s needs. When they contact us, we work to ensure that we can provide the individual with the care they need. In situations where a patient may be better suited for a different treatment environment, we will work with the referent in finding other options.

We also work with a number of other types of professionals who are seeking treatment for patients who require a higher level of care. We encourage everyone to reach out to us if they believe we can meet an individual’s treatment needs.

About Our Hospital

Features of Haverhill Pavilion in Haverhill, MA

Our free-standing behavioral health hospital offers the following for adults and older adults of all genders:

  • 71 secure beds that are divided into three units
  • 50 adult beds
  • 21 older adult beds
  • Comprehensive therapeutic programming
  • Sensory room on each unit
  • Secure courtyard for fresh air breaks and group therapy sessions
  • Four board-certified, in-house psychiatrists; licensed mental health professionals; a PHMNP-BC; and medical rounding staff
  • Case management and discharge coordinators
  • Utilization review coordinators
  • 24/7 admissions/intake department
  • On-site security staff
  • Interpretive services
  • Nutritional consultations
  • On-site pharmacy

Learn More

Learn how we can partner with you

Please reach out to us at your convenience to learn more about our programming options and the ways that we can collaborate with you in providing the best care for your patients. You can contact our admissions department 24 hours a day, seven days a week.